Why did one of my sections on the Dashboard turn red?

The Dashboard sections in Absolute may be dependent upon other sections for proper calculation and completion. This feature highlights the Medicare Cost Report calculation flow-throughs and alerts the user of any subsequent areas that may need review if prior Worksheets are updated. 

If a section on the Dashboard that is dependent on calculations in a prior section is marked complete, then subsequent changes are made to that prior section, the dependent section will turn red. A notification will also display, stating Stage_Reprocessing_1.JPG. This alerts the preparer that a change to a previous section may have downstream effects on a subsequent section, and this subsequent section should be reviewed for reprocessing and marking complete again. Note that Absolute will save any work done to these dependent sections, but the software will require reprocessing to ensure all updates are accounted for. 

For example, if all sections are marked complete on the Dashboard, and the preparer then goes in and makes an update to the GL Mappings for Worksheet A and Worksheet C Line Assignments, this will "re-open" any subsequent sections that utilize those line mappings. These dependent stages will turn red, and the preparer will need to go into these sections, review for changes, reprocess this stage, and mark these sections complete again.  


When the user has processed through all of the red highlighted sections and marked these items complete again, the stage will return to complete/blue, (e.g. Wage Index).



See related Report Dependencies article for further information on how sections in Absolute are dependent on other components.

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