Why can't I mark a section complete?

In Absolute, the ability to complete a section or workpaper is often dependent upon the completion of a prior section. The workpaper information can be updated, but you will see that the Mark section complete button on the workpaper is grey and will not allow you to click the button. 

If you are unable to mark a section complete in Absolute, review the Dashboard to ensure that prior sections are completed. Also, refer to the Report Dependencies article for further information on which sections in Absolute impact other sections. 

For example: 

  • The Interest Expense Workpaper in Worksheet A-8 is complete, but you are unable to push the button to mark this section complete.


  • Review the Dashboard, and it will show that Worksheet A-6 is not yet marked as complete. Report_dependencies_3.JPG
  • If you mark Worksheet A-6 complete, and go back to the Interest Expense workpaper, you will see the Report_dependencies_4.JPGis available to mark the workpaper complete. Report_dependencies_6.JPG



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