Why can a revenue code only be directly assigned in the PS&R Revenue Code Assignment section?

In the PS&R Revenue Code Assignment section on the Absolute Dashboard, revenue codes can either be assigned using the Xwalk or Direct assignment method. In certain situations, a user will only see the Direct assignment available for assigning a revenue code.


The Direct Assignment method will only be available for revenue codes that are present in the uploaded PS&R, but are not present in the uploaded Revenue and Usage report under the Medicare payor. These revenue codes will have to be directly assigned to the appropriate Medicare Line. 

If you are unsure which Medicare Line a revenue code should be reported to, go to the Results tab on the Absolute Dashboard, and access the "Mapped R&U - Post Reclass" under the Worksheet C, Part I section. 


This viewer will allow you to review the revenue codes post Worksheet C revenue reclassifications. Click on the "By Revenue Code" tab to review which line the revenue code is associated for all payors. If the revenue code is not present in the uploaded R&U for any payor, review similar revenue codes for the appropriate Medicare Line Assignment.  


Additional Resources

Please click here for more information on completing the PS&R Revenue Codes Assignment section. 

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