Source Documents

Related support papers are uploaded into a pool in the Source Documents section. PDF, CSV, and Excel files may be uploaded. Uploaded documents may be attached to specific operations or values.

Note: Only attached PDFs will render in PDF workpapers.


To upload a source document

  1. Click the Upload button Upload.
  2. Enter a descriptive display name for the source document (ex. Meals) and click the O button.
  3. Complete the Upload File Agreement and click Proceed.
  4. Select the file to upload in the Uploader window and click Upload.
  5. Accepted file formats are: .pdf, .csv, .xls, .xlsx.


To view an uploaded source document

To view a PDF, click the name of the PDF source document. It will open in another browser window.

To download a CSV or Excel file, click the name of the source document. You will be prompted to open or download the file.


To delete a source document

Click the remove button Remove and then either confirm O or cancel X the deletion.

Note: A source document may only be deleted if it is not attached to an operation or value.


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