External Values

Absolute contains multiple sections for entering External Values, which will list all external values in the applicable components, broken out into tabs for each worksheet/part. These sections allow the report preparer to manually key in numbers from sources outside of Absolute to the report. This allows for a complete electronic workpaper management system, as well as easy export of all cost report values to the HFS software. 

To select a component

Click the Component drop-down menu in the upper left-hand corner. This menu lists all components, not only ones applicable to this report. Only enter in values for components that apply. Upon selecting a component, the source documents and external values sections will load with any applicable elements.


External Values

A tab is generated for each worksheet/part with external values for the selected component and title.

Click a tab (ex. E Pt A) to view and edit the external values for that worksheet.


Source Documents can be uploaded into any section, to support External Values entered into Absolute.


Changing external values

Enter the external amount in the text input for each line/column, including user defined line descriptions. Hovering over a text input will show what kind of value can be entered.

Changing any line name, external amount, or source document will highlight the row in blue. Any line highlighted in blue has not yet been saved. A tab with changed values that have not been saved displays with bold/italicized text.

To attach a supporting workpaper from the Source Documents pool, click the Source field to select the desired uploaded support paper from the list.

Note: After choosing source documents, the external values must be saved.

Saving external values

Clicking the Save External Values button saves all unsaved (highlighted) lines on the active tab. Unsaved changes on other tabs will not be affected. Tabs with unsaved values are indicated via bold/italicized tab names.

All entered values for the sheet are validated prior to saving. If any values fail validation, a message will display indicating which values need to be changed. Values for the sheet are only saved when all values pass validation.

The Save button is only enabled when there are values that need to be saved.

You will be prompted if you attempt to leave the page with unsaved external values.

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