A-8-2 Adjustments Tab - N/A Values

In Absolute, Worksheet A-8-2 is populated either by filtered Physician expense accounts or by manually added External Amounts. If a change is made to the filter or an external amount is deleted from the Worksheet, this can result in Red highlighted line with N/A values on the Adjustments tab, and will not allow the user to mark Worksheet A-8-2 complete.  NA_1.JPG

To remove this field, select the Delete button on the far right of the line, and then press the NA_2.JPG button to confirm the operation. 

This will clear the Red highlighted line with N/A values, and the Mark A-8-2 Physician Expense Complete button will be available. 

Once the N/A values are cleared, preparer may choose the option to "Calculate All Adjustments" above the A-8-2 Lines Summary on the Adjustment tab. 


Note: For more information on Worksheet A-8-2 review the linked article on the Absolute support website. 

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