What is a trace in the reclasses and adjustments?

The trace field in a Worksheet A-6 or A-8 workpaper is used as an identifier for accounts or departments that have been reclassified to a new Cost Report Line in Absolute on a prior reclassification. The trace field presents as the A-6 Basis Code of the workpaper in which the expenses were reclassified. This allows the user to follow how the accounts are being moved in Absolute, and ensure accuracy of the cost report. 

The trace field is present on each workpaper under the Selected Account Pool of filtered accounts. 


For example, as shown above, the filtered account pool has a Basis Code ("A") in the Trace column. This identifies the accounts previously reclassified on the workpaper identified as "A", in this case it is the Medical Supplies reclass in which these accounts were reclassified.


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