Why isn't my Routine OP to IP Revenue Reclass calculating?

Filter Source

A common reason this reclass may not be zeroing out Column 7 on a particular Routine Line is that the source of the Revenue and Usage is selected as the source of the filter, rather than the General Ledger.

Since the objective of the reclass is to move actual dollars on Worksheet C, Absolute should be filtered to reflect this, as the General Ledger Patient Revenue is ultimately reported on Worksheet C. 

Please follow the following steps to change the source from the Revenue and Usage to the General Ledger: 

  1. Remove the existing filter by clicking the Remove icon on the far right of the filter. mceclip0.png
  2. Once the filter is removed, click Add FIilter Select to add back a filter.
  3. By default the R&U is selected as the source, to change it click the Change source to GL button, as shown below. mceclip1.png
  4. Finally, add the applicable routine lines to the filter and click Finalize, the General Ledger accounts will populate in the Account Pool. mceclip5.pngEnsure that the Account Selector resembles the above screenshot before finalizing. 

Revenue does not exist in filtered accounts

Another reason this reclass may not be calculating is that there is no revenue in the filtered accounts. In other words, the Account Pool is empty, so Absolute does not know where to move the fixed amounts to/from. An example of this situation can be seen below:mceclip3.png

You will notice that the Account Pool is empty, so although the Reclass Operations are entered, the Reclass Summary will not calculate a reclass since Absolute does not have a filter to pull the revenue from.  

It is always recommended to instead filter for routine lines, instead of routine departments to ensure you are picking up all applicable departments that exist on a given routine line. Refer to the screenshot in Step 4 of the previous section for example.  

Recommended Procedure

Below are step-by-step instructions on how we recommend performing this reclass:

  1.  Compute and Apply all other revenue reclasses.

  2. The Routine IP to OP Reclass should be setup as the last reclass, zero out fixed amounts and compute/apply reclass. 
    1. Ensure that the General Ledger is selected as the Account Selector in the filter. 
    2. Ensure the Account Pool populates with routine revenue. 
  3. Mark Worksheet C complete. 
  4. From Dashboard, click the Results Tab and navigate to the Worksheet C, Part I Viewer to see residual amounts in Routine Lines, Column 7.                                    mceclip7.png
    1. Another option would be to export a Worksheet C, Part I Workpaper (under the Exports tab) and look at the summary tab to find amounts to reclass for each routine line. mceclip8.png
  5. Enter amounts into the IP to OP reclass and Compute/Apply Reclass again. 
  6. Mark Revenue Reclasses complete and double-check Worksheet C, Part I Results viewer to ensure there is no revenue for routine lines in Column 7. 


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