How can I quickly find my Worksheet A department mapping when reviewing Other Operating Revenue offsets?

In Absolute, reviewing the Other Operating and Non-Operating Revenue workpapers does not list the designated Cost Report Line mapping for the department on Worksheet A. The Account Key field will show the user the department, account, and sub account detail that relates to each revenue account. 


To quickly find the Worksheet A department mapping for each department listed, there are a few options for users to offset these accounts accurately on the Medicare Cost Report.

  1. On the Results tab on the Dashboard, select theOther_Operating_4.JPGviewer under the A Operating Expenses section. This will open a viewer that will have the Operating Expenses listed by Cost Report Line. Preparer can choose to limit the values to the department level detail in the Select Account Rollup section. Utilize click "Ctrl+F", which will bring up a search window to quickly search for and highlight that department on the page.  Other_Operating_2.JPG
  2. On the Exports tab on the Dashboard, the user can export a Mapped GL or the Worksheet A workpaper. This also will allow the user to filter for each departments' Line mapping for proper adjustment of the Other Operating and Non-Operating revenue accounts.





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