Why do I have Level 1 Edits related to my A-6 reclasses not balancing?

If you see Level 1 edits related to Worksheet A Column 4 sum of increases equaling sum of decreases, this is related to your A-6 reclasses not balancing. This happens because Absolute utilizes the decimals uploaded in the general ledger upload, and HFS rounds the amount when the AAI is imported which causes rounding issues in the A-6 reclassifications. This should be a quick fix!

To clear these edits, simply add 1 (or whatever the "plug" amount is) to either the increase or decrease column and then recalculate the mcrx file in HFS.

Tip: To easily find the reclasses that aren't balancing in HFS, click on View then on Edits.


Then the edits will appear. Under Serious Edits, edits will appear related to the A-6 reclasses that are not balancing and it will include the code of the reclass that needs to be updated. Each reclass will have its own separate edit.



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