Where did my Interest Expense adjustment section go (A-8 Section C)?

Sometimes, a preparer may accidentally check a box within the Worksheet A-8 Section C for Interest Expense (Comparison Summary tab), indicating that they do not want to use Toyon's Interest Expense Framework. Checking this box will hide A-8 Section C from view. 


If you don't see the Interest Expense adjustment section in Absolute, you can add it back via Report Settings.

To get to Report Settings, you can hover over 2552-10 Hospital Cost Report in the Absolute menu bar in the upper left-hand corner. Then you should see a drop-down with the option to select Report Settings.


Then, you can scroll to the bottom and uncheck the box next to Don't use Toyon's A-8 interest expense framework button.

When you go back to the Dashboard, your Interest Expense A-8 Section C will be present again.

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