D&E Series Title V and XIX Settlement

Title V & XIX External Values

The Title V & XIX settlement information is entered into Absolute as external values, as the source of this information is typically Medicaid paid claims reports. Absolute does not currently have the functionality to upload Medicare paid claims data, and this information is compiled outside of Absolute. 


Select a component from the drop-down menu to switch between hospital components, if applicable. Once a component is chosen, select a tab to toggle between the various Settlement worksheets. Once external values are entered in the appropriate fields, external values must be saved by clicking Save External Values at the bottom of the interface before clicking Mark External Values Complete to complete this stage.  


D-3 & D Part V External Values

For hospitals that are based in California, Absolute has developed Excel Templates that will assist in summarizing Medi-Cal Paid Claims Data utilizing either a Crosswalk or Direct Assignment method. For hospitals based outside of California, a similar template can be created upon request. To get access to these templates and for more information, please Contact Absolute Support.

More Resources

For more information on the mechanics of external values, please see the following article: External Values

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