Wage Index S-3 Part II-V

Wage Index External Values

Select a tab to toggle between S-3 Part II, IV, and V. Once external values are entered in appropriate fields, external values must be saved by navigating to the save button at the bottom of the interface before clicking Mark External Values Complete to complete this stage.  

If a Source Document has been uploaded, this document can be linked to a specific line by clicking the Select Document button Select and then choosing the source document from the pop-up. 

Pre-Populated Values

Absolute has been designed to pull and populate necessary data from other data sources uploaded into Absolute to ensure accuracy and achieve automation. In the case of Wage Index, Absolute will populate the appropriate dollars and hours in the Wage Index Workpaper excel export by utilizing the Payroll Mappings to report dollars and hours on the appropriate line. The mappings can be reviewed in the workpaper excel export on the tab titled WI.A_Summary by Acct. The following S-3 Part II lines are not available for external value input in Absolute, since these are automatically calculated by Absolute, using the uploaded payroll detail: 

  • Line 1 Total Salaries
  • Line 10 Excluded area Salaries
  • Line 26 Employee Benefits Department 
  • Line 27 Administration & General 
  • Line 29 Maintenance & Repairs
  • Line 32 Housekeeping
  • Line 34 Dietary
  • Line 36 Cafeteria
  • Line 38 Nursing Administration
  • Line 40 Pharmacy
  • Line 41 Medical Records & Medical Records Library 

These values will populate in the wage index workpaper for review. 



More Resources

For more information on the mechanics of external values, please see the following article: External Values

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