Worksheet S-3, Part I

S-3 Part I External Values

Select a tab to toggle between the various columns of Worksheet S-3 Part I. For Columns 5-15, the tab names correspond to the headers that are present in HFS. 

Note that for any column or line that allows for input, the option to link an uploaded Source Document is available by clicking the Attach Source Document button

Pre-Populated Values

Absolute has been designed to pull and populate necessary data from other data sources uploaded into Absolute to ensure accuracy and achieve automation. Therefore, it is not necessary to enter values into the following Worksheet S-3 Part I External Values sections of Absolute.

  • Medicare Days and Discharges

    • Columns 6 and 13 on S-3 Part I will pull days and discharge data directly from the uploaded PS&R, and will then populate these values in the appropriate lines in the S-3 Part I Workpaper export. Please note the days and discharges will be assigned to S-3 Part I Lines based on the PS&R Revenue Code Assignment section in Absolute. These assignments can be reviewed in the Acute/IPF/IRF/SNF Medicare Settlement Workpaper excel export on the PS&R Detail tab, and are also displayed in summary on the IP Hospital Summary Tab. 


  • Employees on Payroll

    • Column 10 on S-3 Part I will pull calculated FTE's from the uploaded payroll and will populate these in the appropriate lines in the S-3 part I Workpaper export, based on WS A mappings from S-3 Part II. These values can be seen and reviewed in the Wage Index Workpaper excel export, on the tab titled        WI.B_S-3, Pt. I - FTEs. The FTE's are calculated by taking the total number of hours mapped to the corresponding S-3 Part II line, and then divided by 2,080 to arrive at the FTE.


More Resources

For more information on the mechanics of external values, please see the following article: External Values





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