External Values Import Function


Using the external values import process, data for an entire applicable section can be brought into Absolute simultaneously, saving significant time over each value being input manually.


Any existing data in Absolute for the imported section will be reset during the import process.

List of sections that can be imported:

  • Worksheet D-4: Organ Acquisition
  • Worksheet D-6: Cellular Therapy Acquisition
  • Worksheet D-3 (Title XIX/V)
  • Worksheet D, Part V (Title XIX/V)
  • Worksheet S-3, parts II, IV, and V: Wage Index

Import Process

After navigating to an applicable section in Absolute, options will be displayed in the top right of where values can be manually input. Click the "Download Template" button to begin the import process.

The downloaded template will be in the format of the worksheet being imported. Each worksheet's template will have a unique format for different columns/lines numbers, but will function identically to the templates for other sections.

The blank cells represent values that can be imported to Absolute, and any grey-highlighted cells represent values that cannot be imported. For worksheets that have non-standard lines (E.g. worksheet D-3), the line numbers will not be populated by the template automatically, and will need to be input in column A.

After filling out the template as desired, you can click the "Import External Values" button in Absolute to navigate to the completed template. After selecting the file and pressing "Upload", the section in Absolute will update with the values from the uploaded template.


  • The template must be saved in an .XLSX or .CSV file format.
  • Any values that are not valid inputs (I.e. symbols or letters instead of numbers) will result in an error message after uploading the file. Clearing any invalid inputs mentioned in the error message will allow a revised file to be imported successfully.



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