Advanced Controls

Advanced Controls is in C, Part I Patient Revenues under the Revenue Reclasses and Adjustments section. This feature can easily apply the steps of a revenue reclass/adjustment without having to scroll to the bottom of the page.

To find the Advanced Controls, click on Advanced in the upper right-hand corner of each reclass.


A dropdown will appear with Apply Filters, Compute Reclass, and Apply Reclass.

Apply Filters

The account filter(s) set up for the specific reclass apply to the selected account pool.

Compute Reclass

Reclass operations set up for the specific reclass calculate.

Apply Reclass

The calculation results apply to each line/account specified, resulting in reclassed data posting to the R&U.

Note: All three of these features can also be found by scrolling through the reclass and selected one by one. The Advanced Control feature is helpful when wanting to go through the steps quickly and easily or if there is trouble processing normally.




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