B-1 and B Part II Statistics

B-1 and B Part II Stats

The B-1 and B Part II Stats interface allows the defining of statistics as well as associating the statistics with cost centers.

Data Sources

Statistics are derived from Payroll, C Part I, R&U, GL Expense, and External data. You can filter the stats by checking/unchecking the boxes for each type of stat to the upper right of the Stats section.


If a pre-requisite stage for a data source is not complete all stats with this data source will display with a gray background, as seen in the screenshot above. For example, the payroll statistics are dependent upon the S-3 Part II-V Wage Index section being complete. Similarly, the C Part I statistics are derived from R&U data, which means the Revenue Reclasses will need to be complete in order for these statistics to come through. The same is true for the GL Expense statistics and the A-6 Expense Reclasses. 


Each stat displays its name, type, data source, and related source document if applicable.


Preset Stats Preset stats are derived automatically from existing data in the cost report. These cannot be edited.
Filtered Stats Filtered stats are derived from user-defined filters on internal data (GL)
External Stats External stats are derived from user imported external data.

Editing a stat:

A stat's name and source document may be edited by clicking Edit. After changes have been made, click O to save the changes or X to cancel.

Delete a stat:

Click a stat's Delete link button and click O to delete the stat or X to cancel.

Note: Preset stats cannot be added, edited, or deleted.

Filtered Stats

To Add a Filtered Stat:

    1. Click +Add Stat below the collection of stats. add_stat.JPG
    2. Select Filtered.    filtered_stat.JPG
    3. Enter a name for the stat, select a related source document if applicable and click O to add the stat or X to cancel.



A default name will be supplied, but as this name flows through to the workpaper, each stat should be be properly named.


Accounts are selected for a filtered stat via account filters.

Click a filtered stat's Show Filters Select button to expand the stat and display the filter section. Existing filters are displayed under Account Filters.


To add a new filter: Click the Add Filter link or button.
To View/Edit a filter: Click the View/Edit Filter button Select for a filter to view or to make changes to that filter.
To reapply the filters for a stat: Click the Reapply filters link button to update all the accounts chosen for the stat. If you have, for example, edited an A-6 reclass after creating a filtered B-1 Stat, you should reapply the filters so the selected accounts reflect the changes made to the A-6.


You may view the pool of selected accounts for all filters for the stat by clicking View All Selected Accounts.

External Stats

To Add an External Stat:

  • Click +Add Stat below the collection of stats.
  • Select External.
  • You can either import a file with data or copy an external stat from the prior yearexternal_stat.JPG

To import data:

  1. Enter a name for the stat.
  2. You have the option to save the uploaded file as a source document, which will automatically be linked to the stat.
  3. Enter a name for the source document, or uncheck the "Save As Source Document" checkbox to upload the data without generating a source document.
    1. Accepted file formats are: .csv, .xls, .xlsx.

The data in the source file must conform to the following criteria:

The first row in the source file is assumed to contain headers and will be ignored.

  • Column 1: Suggested Worksheet A line for the account. It must be a valid line number. Accounts with no line number or an invalid line number will require action upon uploading.
  • Column 2: Account the stat applies to. Absolute will use this column to automatically crosswalk the statistic to the corresponding Worksheet A Line Number, as long as the account exists in the Worksheet A Operating Expenses.

  • Column 3: Stat value.

  • Column 4: Optional stat description 1.

  • Column 5: Optional stat description 2.

  • Column 6: Optional stat description 3.


User has option to upload either Column 1 Worksheet A Line Mapping, or Column 2 Account Key, or both. 

To copy a prior year stat:

  • Select the prior year stat you would like to copy and click the "Copy Stat Data" button. The stat data, along with the stat name and associated source document, will be copied into the current year.


Default stat names are supplied, but as this name flows through to the workpaper, each stat should be be properly named.

External Stat Detail

Click the Show Details button Details to see all of the imported data for the stat.

All imported or copied rows of data display in a table.

Click the Edit link to show a row of data into edit mode. Click O to save the changes to the row or X to cancel.

Check the Exclude checkbox to signify the row should be excluded.



All included rows require a WS A line number. A data row that does not have a WS A line and is not excluded requires action and will be highlighted in red and bold. The stage cannot be completed until all included rows have a line number.

B-1 Cost Centers

The B-1 Cost Centers section allows the association of a stat with a cost center. All cost centers and any associated stats display in a list.

To assign a stat to a cost center:

Click the Associated Stat cell for the cost center and select the stat from the list. The select list contains all stats from the above Stats section. Click O to save or X to cancel.

To unassign a stat:

Select the 'blank' option in the list as the stat and save.


Note: Since the A&G Accumulated Cost Statistic is auto-populated by the HFS Software once all cost report data is exported out of Absolute, there is no need to assign a B-1 Statistic for this cost center in Absolute. 

B Part II

The B Part II section allows the association of a stat with B Part II.

To assign a stat to B Part II:

Click the Associated Stat cell for B Part II (Line 0.00) and select the stat from the list. The select list contains all stats from the above Stats section. Click O to save or X to cancel.

B-1 Results Viewer

Once B-1 stats are entered, defined, and associated in the B-1 module of Absolute, these statistics can be reviewed under the Results tab of the Absolute dashboard. The statistics will be presented in column form, consistent with how they will be displayed once the report is exported to HFS. b-1_results.JPG


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