Worksheet A-6 Reclasses


 The A-6 Reclass interface allows for the creation of a new A-6 Reclass, updating of existing A-6 Reclasses, re-ordering A-6 Basis Codes, or deleting an A-6 Reclass that is no longer applicable. If a prior year report was used as a template for the current year report, the structure of all A-6 reclasses in the prior year report will carry forward to the current year, including Basis Codes, Reclass Names, Filters (applied to current year GL account balances) and Reclass Operations. See steps below for information on creating and editing A-6 reclasses. 

Creating a new reclass:

Click on the A-6_2.JPG button from either the Dashboard or at the top of the A-6 Summary page.

 The details of an A-6 reclassification can be viewed here.


 To add A-6 Reclass information:

  1. Enter a name for the reclass in the Name field.
  2. Enter a basis code for the reclass in the Basis field. The basis code must be unique containing 1-3 letters (A-ZZZ).
  3. Enter the purpose of the reclass in the Purpose field. The text entered in the Purpose field will display on the workpaper.
  4. Enter any applicable notes in the Notes field. These notes are for internal use and will not be displayed elsewhere, but these will carry forward to the subsequent year's report.
  5. Click Create Reclass.


Editing an existing reclass:

  1. The Name, Basis, Purpose, and Notes fields may be edited by clicking on the existing text in the field.
  2. After entering a new value in the input box, click the O button to enter the changes, or click the X button to cancel.

Preparation status:

The preparation status radio buttons at the extreme bottom of the page are provided as an aid to the preparer to help keep track of whether a reclass in Open or Closed.


This status is wholly independent of the reclass stage status. The stage completed while leaving the preparation status Open as a reminder to the preparer that work is not finished. The Open or Closed status displays on the overview page.


Source Documents

Related supporting workpapers are displayed in the Source Documents section. To review how to upload source documents, please see related article: Source Document


Account Filters

For information on how to add or edit account filters for Worksheet A-6 reclassifications, please see related article: Overview of Filters.


Reclass Operations

For information on how to add or edit reclass operations for Worksheet A-6 reclassifications, please see related article: Overview of Operations.


Reclass Import Operations

For information on how to import operations for Worksheet A-6 reclassifications, please see related article: Worksheet A-6 Data Import.


Reclass Summary

 The reclass summary is a summary of all the cost centers being affected by this particular reclassification. These amounts will coincide with the values that are to be reported on the cost report forms.


A-6 Summary

The A-6 Reclasses Overview page lists all A-6 reclasses ordered by Basis code.

The preparer status (Open or Closed), last computed timestamp, purpose, and notes also display.

To add a reclass:

Click A-6_2.JPG

To view/edit an existing reclass:

Click the name of the desired reclass to navigate to the A-6 Reclass page for that reclass.

To delete a reclass:

Click A-6_6.JPGfor the desired reclass. Confirm the deletion by clicking the O button, or click the X button to cancel.

To Reprocess All Reclasses: 

The Reprocess All Reclasses button at the top of the A-6 Summary page can be used if there has been any updates to the mappings in the GL Mappings section. This will minimize the need for the user to go into each reclass for reprocessing. 

Note: If a reclass limits to the line level detail the filter may need to be reviewed for a specific reclass and updated before the line mapping change would be incorporated. 

To mark A-6 reclasses as complete:

When all A-6 reclasses have been entered, the stage must be marked as complete. Click the A-6_7.JPG button.

Note: If any changes are made to a reclass after the stage has been completed, the stage will need to be marked as complete again.

Video Tutorial

Please click here to view a video tutorial on A-6 reclasses. 

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