Does Absolute allow two people to work in a cost report at the same time?

Since Absolute is a web-based program, the system will allow multiple users to simultaneously view and edit a report. In addition, each user logs into Absolute with a unique login allowing the system to display the user name and timestamp when sections on the Dashboard are updated or changed. 

Similarly, suppose a preparer is working on an individual cost report in Absolute. In that case, a single user can open and view multiple sections or reports at once by opening Absolute in a separate tab of the browser. To do this, when you have Absolute open, right-click on the browser tab, and click Duplicate. As a result, a new browser tab will open with the report.




This is beneficial when the user wants to view two sections of Absolute at once.

For example, one browser tab could show the Mapped GL Operating Expenses section from the Results Tab and another browser tab with the A-8 Adjustments Section A: Other Operating Adjustments from the Preparation Tab.

Another example is if the user wants to view the current year report in one browser tab and the prior year report in another browser tab. Lastly, a great option is to move one browser tab to a second monitor for quick onscreen comparisons. 




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