Absolute Cost Report Quickstart Guide

Ready to get started with Absolute? This quickstart guide will help you configure Absolute so you can complete your cost report in no time. Run through the three steps below to get started!


If you don’t recognize a word check out the glossary at the bottom of this page.


Create your Report

  1. Creating a New Report
  2. Report Settings
  3. Dashboard


Add Data to your Report

  1. General Ledger Upload
  2. Revenue and Usage Report Upload
  3. Payroll Report Upload
  4. Upload a PS&R
  5. Source Documents


Set up a Reclass or Adjustment

  1. Worksheet A-6 Reclasses
  2. Worksheet A-8 Adjustments Overview
  3. Worksheet C, Part I Patient Revenue



If you can tick off all the above, you have set up your cost report in Absolute. Here are some additional features that might interest you:

Review Checklist

AAI Export

Video Tutorial

Please click here for a virtual tour of Absolute. 


Here is a glossary explaining terms used in Absolute that you might not know yet:

General Ledger: A bookkeeping ledger that serves as a central repository for accounting data transferred from all sub-ledgers like accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, fixed assets, etc.

Revenue and Usage (R&U): A detailed list of all care and treatment given by day for each patient, and includes revenue codes and charges. It can be used to track revenue. The R&U will only show posted charges. It does not show charges that are in workqueues.

PS&R: Stands for Provider Statistical & Reimbursement (PS&R) System. The system accumulates statistical and reimbursement data applicable to the processed and finalized Medicare Part A claims. This data is summarized in various reports, which are used by providers to prepare Medicare cost reports, and by MACs during the audit and settlement process.

CSV: Stands for "comma-separated values". CSV files can be imported to and exported from programs that store data in tables, such as Microsoft Excel or Open Office. You can use them to quickly import the general ledger, revenue and usage report, etc.

Health Financial Systems (HFS): A computer software company specializing in cost reports. HFS makes software for Medicare cost reports, including the Hospital cost report (2552-10), SNF (2540-10), ESRD (265-11), HHA (1728-94), RHC (222-92), Hospice (1984-14), OPO (216-94), CMHC (2088-92) and Home Office (287-05).

AAI: Stands for Automated Account Interface which allows you to use your automated General Ledger data to generate your cost report in HFS.


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