Report Settings


The Report Settings interface allows the user to change basic information as well as setup the components of the report. These details will persist throughout the report.

Ensuring all components are set up correctly prior to starting work on the report is highly encouraged.

Note: Making changes to components will reset the Manage PS&R Imports stage if it has already been completed.


General Settings

The General Settings section contains general information about the report, including report name, date range and the prior year report.

Click the prior year name to open the prior year report in a new tab.

Editing settings:

  • To edit the report name or date range, click either section, or the Edit link.
  • The name must be between 3 and 45 alphanumeric characters.
  • The dates must be valid dates in the history range.
  • After entering desired changes, click the O button to enter the changes, or click the X button to cancel.



The Components section displays all possible components for a cost report. Components for the current report are displayed with a white background. Inactive components display a grey background.

Adding/editing a component:

  • Click a component row to put it in to add/edit mode.
  • The component name must be between 1 and 80 alphanumeric characters.
  • The CCN Number must be six alphanumeric characters. Please exclude the hyphen.
  • The CBSA number is optional. If entering a CBSA number, it can be up to 8 numeric characters.
  • Hospital, IPF, and IRF have an optional provider type. Select the desired value from the dropdown menu.
  • Click the O button to save the component or the X button to cancel.

Additional information for HHA, RHC, FQHC:

For components that allow multiples of the component type (HHA, RHC, FQHC), the component number is editable. Select the desired number from the dropdown menu. Component numbers belonging to an existing component cannot be used.

HHA, RHC, and FQHC components have additional line and line description inputs, which will associate the component with a particular line number. Enter in the desired line suffix. If the line already exists, the existing line description will display. Otherwise, enter in the desired line description. The description must be between 3 and 60 alphanumeric characters.

Deleting a component:

  1. To delete a component, click the Delete button.
  2. Click the O button to delete the component or the X button to cancel.


Additional Setup Details

The Additional Setup Details section contains additional information for defining the cost report.

Check/uncheck any applicable boxes.



The Preferences section contains preferences for how you would like to complete the cost report.

Check/uncheck any applicable boxes.


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