AAI Export To HFS


The AAI Export feature in Absolute can be used to upload all cost report data into HFS. This export will take all data in the Absolute report and turn it into a .csv file with each section, line, and input.

The AAI export can be downloaded at any time, even if sections of the cost report are not completed in Absolute. The export can also be abbreviated if only certain sections are needed for upload.

For example, if only the A-6 reclasses need to be uploaded into HFS, the other sections in the .csv file can be deleted so that only A-6 data remains. This custom file can then be uploaded into HFS and it will only affect the A-6 worksheet.

Creating a Current Year MCRX File

1. In HFS, click "New" 


2. In the New File interface, ensure the File Type is set to 2552-10, the File Name path is updated to the location of your new file (click the mceclip0.png icon to open File Explorer), and the Use Template box is checked with the location of the Prior Year template. The mceclip1.pngicon will open up your File Explorer to select your Prior Year MCRX file. 



To minimize "cleanup edits" once the Current Year AAI is imported, un-check the A-6, A-8, and A-8-1 options under the Use Template option. This will ensure the structure of these sections from the AAI will override the Prior Year structure, eliminating any unused lines in the Current Year which cause Level I edits. 

3. Click Ok to create your Current Year MCRX file. You should now see your Hospital Name update on the left of the header, as well as your updated Fiscal Year on the right-hand side. 



Importing AAI to HFS and exporting to Cost Report

1. Select "HFS Data" from the header menu.

2. Select "AAI File for HFS" link this will download the AAI import file to your computer.

3. Open your current year cost report template in HFS. (See above section)

4. Navigate to tools > AAI.


5. This will load the AAI import tool.

6. Select “Import File…” option.


7. Select the AAI file that was downloaded from Absolute℠ and click “Open”.


The AAI file cannot be open on your computer while importing into HFS.

8. In the Import Wizard select the “My data is in one of the following pre‐defined formats:” and select
the option for “Main Account, Sub Account, Value, Main Acct Desc., Sub Acct. Desc., Cross‐ref.” and click


9. The screen below will populate, select “Next”.


10. You have the option to name your Worksheet and Sheet, the default titled are “Workbook 1” and
“Sheet 1”.

11. Ensure that “Remove existing data and replace it with imported data.” Is selected, then click “Next”.


12. Select “Do Not Print” and click “Finished”.


13. You AAI file with import into HFS. When it has finished loading your AAI values should populate

14. Select “Export…”


15. Ensure that the proper Workbook and Sheet are selected and then select “Options…”


16. Ensure that “Reverse sign on all liability and revenue accounts.”, “Suppress printing reports” are
selected and the click “Export”.


HFS will export the data out of the AAI Tool and to the appropriate Medicare Cost Report Worksheets. 

Video Tutorial

Please click here for a video tutorial on exporting the AAI file to HFS.

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