Review Checklist

Checklist Interface

The checklist interface allows multiple users to keep track of what has been completed on a cost report and communicate with each other more effectively. The checklist also allows for a complete cost report review process prior to submission of the Medicare cost report. 

The following statuses are used to designate the progress of each review point:

  • Incomplete: This review point has yet to be completed by a preparer.
  • Prepared: This review point has been completed by a preparer, indicating it is ready for review.
  • Reviewed: A reviewer has verified that the review point has been properly completed.
  • Finalized: A final reviewer has verified that the review point has been properly completed.

Note: Not all review points have all statuses. Some points are for preparers only and some do not require a final review.


Using the checklist as a preparer:

  • Review points with the status Incomplete require the preparer's attention
  • When a review point has been completed, click Prepared
  • If a review point is not applicable to a specific cost report, click NA for that point
  • Clicking NA will automatically hide the review point
  • The Prepared status indicates to the reviewer that the point is ready for review

Using the checklist as a reviewer:

  • When a point is marked Prepared, the reviewer has the option of marking a point Incomplete, Reviewed, or Finalized (if applicable) If a point has not been completed properly, check the Incomplete box
  • The point will then resurface for the preparer to complete
  • If the point has been successfully completed, the reviewer can check the Reviewed or Finalized box (if applicable) depending on whether the reviewer is the in-charge or final reviewer
  • Clicking NA will automatically hide the review point.

Filter review points:

A set of filter buttons reside at the top of the checklist. The filters Preparer, In Charge, and Final Reviewer will show only the open points applicable for that role. The All, Open, and Closed filters are general filters outside of the role. Click refresh to apply current filters to updated review points. Toggle NA points as hidden or visible via the Hide N/A checkbox which is checked by default.

Click the blue heading bar to expand or collapse the entire section. Click the review point text to expand or collapse the comment section.

Worksheet Note Add a review point: To add a review point to a section, click the green plus button located on the blue bars of that section. A prompt will appear allowing the user to specify the review point text. Clicking O will enter the review point, and clicking X will cancel. After entering the review point, it will appear at the bottom of the corresponding section.
Preparer Note Add / Edit a comment: To add a comment to a review point, click the orange plus button located on the far right adjacent to each review point. A prompt will appear allowing the user to specify the comment text.
To edit a comment, click the comment text and confirm changes. Editing a comment will apply an asterisk symbol to the end of it indicating it was edited. Hovering an edited comment will show the date and time it was edited.
Table data copied from Excel can be pasted in as a comment. Table data must be pasted into its own comment and cannot be mixed with regular text.
Get Help Learn more about a review point: Complex review points which require additional explanation display a More link button. To display the additional information, click More.
Navigation: To quickly jump between sections, hover over the Navigate button. Click the name of the desired section from the list.
Print Checklist Export Summary to PDF: To generate a PDF summary of a checklist, click the Export Checklist link in the upper right corner. Hovering over the link provides the option of including all comments/status changes in the report. Any currently applied filters will also be applied to the pdf. Once the PDF has been generated you may save or print it via the browser's Acrobat controls.



To expand or collapse a section, click the blue section heading bar. To expand or collapse review point status changes and comments, click the review point description.



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