Why can't I mark Worksheet B-1 Complete?

If preparer is unable to mark the Worksheet B-1 Section complete in Absolute (the Complete B-1 and B Part II Stats button at the bottom left of this page is greyed out), there are a number of items to check to determine the issue. 

Are there previous stages/sections in Absolute that need to be marked complete first? 

The B-1 Statistic section in Absolute depends on a number of other Worksheets or sections for calculations. In order to ensure Absolute is bringing in the most up-to-date values, there are a number of Report Dependencies that may be hindering the preparer from marking B-1 complete. If you are unable to mark B-1 complete after working on this section, review the Dashboard to ensure the following proceeding sections are marked complete (blue with a checkmark on the Dashboard):

  • GL Mappings
  • A-6 Reclasses
  • C, Part I Patient Revenues
  • S-3, Part II-V Wage Index (all stages complete through Map Payroll Accounts; External Values for Wage Index do not need to be marked complete in order to mark B-1 Statistics complete)

For more information on Report Dependencies, see this article: Report Dependencies


Are there upload errors in the External Value B-1 Statistics?

Sometimes, there maybe upload errors in the B-1 External Value Statistics that may be preventing the preparer from marking B-1 complete. These would be denoted by any red and bold statistics in the Stats section of B-1. 

To review any B-1 Statistics with upload errors, click on the View Details option next to that statistic. This will expand the detail in that statistic for review and/or editing. 


Possible upload errors may include:

  • A department in Column B of the upload template does not have a corresponding Operating Expense department on Worksheet A. Absolute is unable to map this line item/statistic to a Worksheet A Line, so this must be manually mapped. To do this, click Edit to the right of that line item. Then you may choose a line assigning in the first column to the left of that statistic. Click the green O to save your changes. If all errors are cleared, this statistic will change back to regular font. b.png
  • If Worksheet A Lines were assigned in the upload file in Column A, and a Worksheet A Line was entered that does not exist on Worksheet A, Absolute will be unable to map this statistic line item to a Worksheet A Line. When viewing the Details for this statistic, the Worksheet A Line may be blank, and that line is unavailable in the drop down to assign a line to a B-1 statistic. The preparer will first need to Add a New Worksheet A Line in the GL Mapping - Assign WS A Lines section, then follow the steps in the above bullet point to assign that line to that statistic value (see related article GL Mapping - Assign Lines and Columns).
  • There may be a blank row of data in your upload template that is causing an error. This can happen if there is a space in a cell in the upload template. Even if it looks like no data is there, Excel will recognize this space as data. To clear this issue in Absolute, preparer can View Details, and check the box to Exclude the blank row of data. If there are multiple blank rows of data, and it is cumbersome to mark all as Exclude, preparer may wish to re-upload this statistic, and first delete all rows of data in the upload template prior to upload into Absolute, to clear out any hidden data. c.png

Note that to avoid this upload error in the future, we recommend starting with a fresh B-1 External Value Upload template, rather than copying/pasting over previously used ones. See related article for information: How do I utilize the B-1 External Value Statistic Upload template?

If any these troubleshooting ideas don't solve the issue, please reach out to Absolute Support. 




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