Why aren't my B-1 Preset Statistics for Productive FTEs/Hours populating?

In Absolute, the Preset B-1 statistics are dependent upon the completion of prior sections in Absolute. The Preset statistics in Absolute are defined by which data source file each one relates to under the statistic section. For example, the FTEs/Hours preset statistics are calculated from the payroll report, the Gross Salaries statistic is calculated using GL Expenses, and the Revenue statistics are calculated using the Worksheet C information. 

A preset statistic will not calculate the statistical data if it is presenting as gray in the B-1 Stats section.  Preset_1.JPG

The Productive FTEs/Hours statistics are also dependent upon Classify Pay Types in the Payroll upload section under the S-3, Part II-V Wage Index section on the Dashboard. The payroll must have earn codes or pay types defined as productive, as those are used to calculate the statistics. Preset_2.JPG

The Nursing FTEs/Hours statistics also are dependent upon the Classify Job Codes section in the Payroll upload. There must be a job code defined as "Registered Nurses" for Worksheet B-1 to calculate the Nursing statistic for FTEs/Hours on Column 13.




The Job Code categories for the Preset Nursing statistics will include the job classifications that are defined as Registered Nurses, Aides & Orderlies, and Licensed Vocational Nurse.


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See related Report Dependencies article for further information on how sections in Absolute are dependent on other components. The Wage Index and Payroll articles in Absolute provides detailed information on how the Payroll data is calculated in Absolute.

For details on how Productive FTE's are calculated, see the following article: How are the FTEs calculated for B-1 statistics?

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