Payroll Report Upload

Import Files

Payroll files are required to be in csv format.

To import Payroll:
  1. Click the Import Payroll link button.
  2. Select the csv file to upload in the Uploader window and click Upload.


To change Payroll: In order to change the uploaded Payroll, a new Payroll can be uploaded on top of the current one using the same process noted above. This new csv will replace the one that is already in the software.

Notes and Resources:

Sometimes the Payroll will take time to load due to its size. Please do not hit the back or refresh button while the Payroll is uploading.

If you have completed sections of Absolute that utilize payroll data (B-1, A-6, etc.), these sections will need to be revisited and reprocessed. See Report Dependencies for more information.

For more information on potential errors while importing, please see the following article: Troubleshooting Report Upload Errors

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