Revenue and Usage Report Upload

Import Files

R&U files are required to be in csv format.

To import R&U:
  1. Click the Import R&U link button under the C, Part I Patient Revenues section of Absolute.
  2. Select the csv file to upload in the Uploader window and click Upload.import_r_u.JPG
To change R&U: In order to change the uploaded R&U, a new R&U can be uploaded on top of the current one following the process noted above. This new csv will replace the one that is already in the software.


Notes and Resources:

Sometimes the R&U will take time to load due to its size. Please do not hit the back or refresh button while the R&U is uploading.

If you have completed sections of Absolute that utilize R&Udata (B-1, A-6, etc.), these sections will need to be revisited and reprocessed. See Report Dependencies for more information.

For more information on potential errors while importing, please see the following article: Troubleshooting Report Upload Errors

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