Import PS&R Summaries

Import PS&R Summaries

Provider Statistical & Reimbursement Reports (PS&Rs) are ordered from CMS and can be uploaded directly to Absolute in the Import PS&R Summaries interface. This interface allows for multiple PS&Rs to be uploaded in csv format, and does not require PS&Rs to be modified prior to upload.

The Imported Files section allows importing and deleting files as well as toggling imported files as active or inactive.

The Parsed Reports section displays the active parsed PS&R reports that will be used going forward.

When all desired PS&Rs have been imported and marked as active, click the Mark Stage Complete button to proceed.

(The Mark Stage Complete button is only visible when the stage is not currently complete. If the stage is marked complete and changes are made to the source files or parsed PS&Rs, the stage will be uncompleted. If there are no active parsed PS&Rs, or duplicate parsed report types are active, the stage cannot be completed.)


Missing components

If Medicare Certification Numbers (CCN) defined as components in the Report Settings for your report are not present in the active PS&Rs, a list of these components/CCNs will display.

If Medicare Certification Numbers found in the active PS&Rs are not defined as components in the Report Settings for your report, a list of these components/CCNs will display.

Note: Missing/unmatched components will not prevent you from proceeding. This information is displayed as a cross-check to ensure PS&R data is uploaded for all components.

Unrecognized Totals:

If there are unrecognized totals in the active PS&R data, a list will display alerting you to report these totals to your administrator.

If you are absolutely certain that the totals in question can be ignored, you may proceed even while the alert message shows.

Please contact Absolute Support with questions on unrecognized totals.


Imported Files

All currently imported PS&R files display in the Imported Files section.

PS&R files are required to be in csv format.

To import a PS&R:
  1. Click the Import PS&R link button.
  2. Select the csv file to upload in the Uploader window and click Upload.
To toggle an imported file as active/inactive: Click the Active check box for that file. As a result, the PS&R reports contained within the file to also be set as active/inactive. Only active reports show in the Parsed Reports section.
To delete an imported file: Click the Delete link button for the file. Then click the O button to confirm or X to cancel. Deleting a file will also delete all PS&R reports (parsed reports) contained within it.


Parsed Reports

All parsed PS&R reports in the active import files display in the Parsed Reports section. The reports displayed are those that will be used going forward.

Parsed reports display a Provider as well as a Run Date. They are highlighted via a grey background and blue text.

The Run Date is useful in determining that all active parsed reports are from the correct batch of files.

Multiple and duplicate report types:

Active PS&R data may contain multiples of the same report type as long as each provider is unique. For example, data for report 110 for Provider A and Provider B may be imported and set as active at the same time, but setting two different datasets as active containing data for report 110 for Provider A at one time is not allowed.

Duplicate report type/provider pairs may be imported, but only one report of each pair may be active to proceed. For example, you may import report type 110 for Provider A from two different run dates, but only one may be set as active.

If duplicates are active, the providers and run dates will display in red text indicating they need attention. One of the import files containing the duplicates must be marked as inactive. The stage cannot be completed while duplicates are present in the Parsed Reports section.

Display views:

There are three available views for the parsed reports accessible via the Display select list.

  • Parsed Reports is the default and displays only the active parsed PS&R reports.
  • Used in Cost Report displays all PS&Rs that are used in the cost report. Parsed PS&Rs are highlighted. This is useful to compare what you have imported versus all cost report PS&Rs.
  • All PS&Rs display all known PS&R reports. Parsed PS&Rs are highlighted. PS&Rs which are not used in the cost report are displayed in light grey text


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