Why is my wage index section red?


The Absolute S-3 Part II-V Wage Index section changes from blue (complete) to red when a user updates a prior section that is also a dependency (such as GL Mapping or A-6 Reclasses).

This status is to highlight the occurrence of a change that may have downstream effects in later stages. To complete this stage again, you will need to go back and mark your A-6 Reclasses complete. Once A-6 Reclasses are marked complete, you will be able to go in and mark your Map Payroll Accounts section complete again. Note that the software will retain all of the work you have done - the wage index section only needs reprocessing to continue by marking complete again to finalize all calculations. 

However, we recommend verifying that no significant changes occurred from changing dependent sections, which is one reason why Absolute produces this red warning.

To learn more about the different dependencies within Absolute, check out this article:

Report Dependencies

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