How does Absolute calculate the hours reclassed for wage index?

For any Worksheet A-6 Reclasses where salary expense in Column 1 is being reclassed, Absolute will automatically calculate the corresponding hours reclass for wage index purposes. 

Each A-6 Reclass in Absolute is set up with an account filter, to select the accounts that are included in that particular expense reclass. When a salary component is reclassed, the corresponding hours reclass is calculated automatically for the reclassed departments. To calculate the hours reclass, Absolute℠ will impute the hours using the Average Hourly Wage (AHW) from the payroll detail that is uploaded into Absolute, for those reclassed departments. 

Note: See S-3, Part II-V Wage Index -> Classify Pay Types section in Absolute to designate salaries and hours that are included for computation of AHW. 

To see the detail of hours that are being reclassed, from the Exports tab on the Dashboard, export the Wage Index Workpaper in Excel format. See tab WI.A._GL & Payroll Detail. You can filter Column F of this tab for any A-6 Basis Code to see the hours that are being reclassed, and also see detail on the computed AHW. 





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