Amended Cost Reports Process

This article will cover how to create amended reports in Absolute, depending on the nature of the amendment.

Updating E Part A, S-3 Part I, S-10

Since these are all External Values in Absolute and do not affect other sections of Absolute (see Report Dependencies article for more information), we recommend making these updates directly in the As-Filed Absolute report, and then updating the As-Filed MCRX file in HFS to match the newly updated values in Absolute.  

So for example, if new Bad Debts were received, a user can simply click into the Title XVIII External Values section and then enter the new Bad Debts under the necessary worksheet tabs within the module. Once these have been updated and saved, a new Medicare Settlement Workpaper can be exported from Absolute to reflect this update. A user would then go into the As-Filed MCRX file to update the report accordingly. 

WS A/C Mapping Changes, Updates to multiple A-6's

For situations where the amendment affects several worksheets, such as the above examples, it is recommended to create a new report in Absolute, while utilizing the As-Filed Cost Report as the "Prior Year" Template. 

By using the As-Filed Cost Report as the "Prior Year" Template, this will carry forward all mappings A-6/A-8 structure. 


Creating a New Report

For more information on how to create a report, see the following article: Creating a New Report

Once the Amended report is created, the following steps will need to be made:

  1. Upload source files (GL/R&U/Payroll/PS&R). For any sections that are staying consistent with the As-Filed, the same source files used for the As-Filed can be used for the amended report. 
  2. Click through the mapping stages, making necessary changes related to the amendment where necessary. 
    1. Since the As-Filed mappings and header definitions are being carried forward, this should be a quick process if a certain section is not affected by the amendment.
  3. Copy in external values from the As-Filed Cost Report. 
  4. Once your source files are uploaded, the necessary changes can be made for the amendment.

As an example, if an amendment is being made to incorporate a Worksheet A line mapping change, the As-Filed General Ledger would be uploaded into Absolute, and then the necessary change would be made in the Operating Expenses - Assign WS A Line section.

If the rest of the line/column mappings are consistent with the As-Filed, then the rest of the mapping sections can simply be clicked through, since the As-Filed mappings have been carried forward. 

Similarly, this mapping change will then automatically be incorporated into any related sections of Absolute, such as A-6's, A-8's, Wage Index (if applicable), and any GL filtered B-1 statistics.  




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