How do I delete a report?

There is no user functionality to delete reports in Absolute; however, our development team periodically runs routine cleanups of reports. This cleanup will remove any reports where the report name contains the word "Delete." 

To include your report in the routine cleanup/delete process, you can rename your report to "Delete," and the process will remove your report during the subsequent process run. There are two ways to rename a report in Absolute.

  • From the Open/Create screen, under Load Report, once you select your report, you will see an option to Edit Report Name in the middle of the screen. Clicking on this will bring up an input text option, where you can rename your report. Click the green O to save the new report name.



  • From the Report Settings page, select the "Edit" option in the upper right-hand corner. Once selected, the report name in the upper left-hand corner will display a text input box, where you can update the name to "Delete."





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