Manage Users

The Manage Users feature of Absolute allows Absolute Super Users to manage who has access to reports in their instance of Absolute. 

Manage Users can be found under User Management at the top of the Absolute page. 


There are a few options under Manage Users:

Add New User

To Add a New User, click the + Add New User button at the top of the page. 


Once + Add New User is clicked, a new user can be added to Absolute. A Last Name, First Name, User Name, and Primary Email are needed to add a new user.


Primary Email

Please note that Okta activation email will be sent to the Primary Email entered in this field.

Edit Users

To edit a user's information, click the Edit icon in the Edit column. A user's First/Last name and Username can be edited and can be confirmed by clicking the mceclip7.png button. 


Super User Access

Super can be checked or unchecked and allows the user to have greater access in Absolute. If Super is checked, that means that user has access to editing groups, and can add or delete users, create groups, assign roles, assign provider histories, assign users to reports, and has access to Report Manager. This is usually checked when the user is a supervisor, manager, administrator, etc.

Activate/Deactivate a User

Active is where a user's account can either be activated or deactivated. If a user's account is not active, an "Activate" option will appear in this column. Clicking "Activate" will send an Okta activation email to their primary email.

If a user's account is currently active but needs to be deactivated (e.g. they leave your organization or do not need access to Absolute anymore), the "Deactivate" button can be clicked which will revoke their access to Absolute. Their status will change to "Activate", and the above steps can be followed if their account needs to be activated in the future. 

Reset Password

Password is where a Super user can reset a user's forgotten password. Clicking "Reset Password" on the far right of the User's information will send a link to the User's primary email with steps on how to reset their password. 

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