Release 2.16.14

We released a software update on 12/28/2021 for the following reasons:

  • Updated the rules for the new PS&R field on inpatient report types "MD Kidney Acquisition Payment," to ignore this value, as this data is not posted to the Medicare Cost Report.
  • Updated the M-Series External Value Section to add input options for Worksheet M-4, Column 2.01 (Covid-19 Vaccines), Column 2.02 (Monoclonal Antibody Products) and Line 13.01 (Number of Covid-19 Vaccine Injections/Infusions administered to MA enrollees), which are new fields for input in the HFS Software.
  • Updated Worksheet A-8 Summary to include Line 30.99 Hospice (non-distinct) as a standard line for offset on Worksheet A-8, limited to offset against Worksheet A Line 30. 
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