Updates in Progress

Below is a list of Absolute features and bug fixes that are in process:


Absolute Feature Updates

  • We are adding an upload function for the following External Values sections: Title V Settlement (D-3 and D, Part V), Title XIX Settlement (D-3 and D, Part V), Worksheet D-4, Worksheet D-6, Worksheet S-3 Parts II-V
  • We are adding a new feature to Report Manager, where super users will be able to update A-8-1 values for all hospitals in a Report Set at once

Other Software Updates

  • We are updating the S-3, Part II-V Wage Index->Classify Pay Types section to fix an issue where Absolute doesn't allow special characters in the Pay Type field. 
  • We are fixing an issue in Worksheet D-6 Part I to allow for all required patient care lines to carry over for input into D-6 Part I. Currently, Line 90.xx subscripts are not flowing to D-6 Part I for input. 
  • We are adding the following lines to Worksheet D-4 Parts III and IV for External Value input: 66.01, 66.02, 75.01, 75.02, 75.03, 75.04, 79.01
  • We are updating the Workpaper export for I-Series Renal Dialysis to allow E-4 Line 9, Columns 4 and 6 to the Renal.B_Renal Summary tab of the I-Series workpaper. 
  • We are updating the Medicare Settlement Workpaper export to add a Worksheet E-1 Summary tab for SNF subunits, where applicable. 
  • We are updating an issue where the payroll hours related to Worksheet A Line 77 departments are not being picked up in the total FTEs to report on Worksheet S-3 Part I Line 14 Column 10.  
  • We are updating the PS&R rules for Renal Dialysis subunits attached to Critical Access Hospitals to properly report Net Reimbursement from Renal Dialysis PS&R Report Types 130 and 132 to the Hospital E-1 Line 1 Column 4. 


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