Release 2.14.2

We released a software update on 1/27/2021 for the following reasons:

  • To properly split the RHC Program Covered Visits for reporting on Worksheet M-3 Line 10 Column 1 (visits prior to 1/1) and Column 2 (visits on or after 1/1). 
  • To automatically post the Swing Bed PS&R Days prior to 1/1 to Worksheet D-1 Line 10. This was previously an External Value input field in Absolute. 
  • Corrected an issue where the Mapped R&U (before reclasses) exported with "csv" in the file name. 
  • Updated the Worksheet C, Part I Workpaper to include a revenue reclass trace column on the reclass detail tabs, referencing any applicable revenue reclasses. 
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