How do I lock or unlock a report?


The function of locking or unlocking a report in Absolute is a feature that is available for Superusers. This feature will enable or disable editing capability for designated sections of the report on the Dashboard. This function can be used after sections of a report are reviewed, or after submission of the cost report to Medicare, to ensure that no changes are made to those final sections.


User must be a Superuser to have access to the Lock/Unlock button on the Dashboard


Lock or Unlock a Report

From the Dashboard, navigate to the top right of the page and click on the  mceclip0.png symbol. The window below will appear.


  • You can now choose Lock all stages. This will lock all sections in the report for editing. A lock symbol will display next to each stage, indicating that these sections are now read-only.


  • To unlock all stages of a report, select Unlock all stages. This will open all sections in the report for editing.
  • Users can also choose to lock specific sections of the report, such as GL mappings. To do this, choose the Lock specific stages option, and navigate to the section(s) you wish to lock for editing.



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