Release 2.26.9

We released an update on 11/13/2023 for the following reasons:

  • To add a Worksheet S-2 Part I and II Section to the Dashboard for External Value input. Note that we did not add an input option for every line on S-2 Parts I & II, since a lot of these answers are consistent from year to year, and the answers can be carried over from the prior year cost report within the cost report filing software. We only added the following lines for input and support within Absolute:
    • S-2 Part I Lines 24 and 25 for input of DSH and LIP days
    • S-2 Part I Line 40 for HAC Adjustment
    • S-2 Part I Line 66-67.03 for FTE input
    • S-2 Part I Line 18.01 for Malpractice Values
    • S-2 Part II Line 4 for Audited Financial Statements at submission
    • S-2 Part II Line 15 for Change in Total Beds Available
    • S-2 Part II Line 16 and 17 for PS&R Paid Through Dates
    • S-2 Part II Line 41-43 for Cost Report Preparer Information
  • To update the AAI export for Worksheet S-10 values to properly report S-10 pre-Transmittal 18 updates


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