Release 2.24.0

We released an update on 5/15/2023 for the following reason: 

  • To add the functionality in Absolute to have multiple CCNs per hospital for Renal Dialysis subunits

Previously, Absolute was set up to only allow for one Renal Dialysis CCN on the Report Settings tab. Since many hospitals report multiple Renal Dialysis CCNs as subunits on the Medicare Cost Report, we have updated Absolute to allow for multiple CCNs to be entered on the Report Settings tab for Renal Dialysis. This way, Absolute will recognize all PS&R data for all Renal Dialysis CCNs. 

If your hospital has multiple Renal Dialysis subunits on S-2 Part I, you can update your report in Absolute from the Report Settings section. From the Absolute Dashboard, hover over the 2552-10 Hospital Cost Report menu option in the upper left-hand side:


On the Report Settings page, under the Components section, if you have a Renal Dialysis subunit, you should see one CCN entered into the Renal Dialysis row. If you have multiple Renal Dialysis subunits, you can add the additional CCNs by clicking in the Renal Dialysis row 2, which will open a text input option:


Enter your Renal Dialysis subunit information and click the green zero to save. Continue this process until all additional Renal Dialysis CCNs are present. Now, Absolute will recognize PS&R data uploaded for these CCNs. 

Note that if your hospital previously had a "Home Program" Component entered into the Report Settings page, you will need to move that CCN/subunit data to the Renal Dialysis Component line for proper reporting. 

Please reach out to Absolute Support with any questions or for assistance updating your report. 



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