Okta - Updates to Absolute Login

We released a software update on 2/13/2023 to implement Okta into the Absolute 2552-10 Cost Report and Absolute Analytics Applications, increasing the security of our Web Based applications.

Okta is a new authentication layer that will allow users to sign into all our applications with one set of credentials, and will soon provide the latest security features, like multi-factor support.

All Absolute Users received an Okta Activation email on Friday, February 10th. By clicking the activation link in that email, users will be able to set up a new password for Absolute (username should remain the same as previous username). Once the Okta account is activated, users will be able to sign into Absolute as usual (same web-address), with the new Okta credentials. 

If you did not receive the Okta activation email on Friday, February 10th, and it isn't in your junk mail or spam folder, please reach out to Absolute Support at support@toyonassociates.com

Thank you for using Absolute!

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