Where can I find the Worksheet G-2 Part I Line Mapping of Patient Revenues?

G-2 Part I Excel Export

G-2 Part I Patient Revenues are mapped based on the Worksheet C Patient Revenue mappings and adjustments, and will automatically populate in the Worksheet G-2 Excel Export. This export can be found under the Exports tab of the Absolute dashboard. G-2 Part I Line mappings can be reviewed on the G-2_A-Detail tab of the excel export.  


C Part I Excel Export

Additionally, to review the mappings at the account level, the Worksheet C Part I Excel Export can be utilized, as these mappings and adjustments will be consistent between C Part I and G-2 Part I. Within the export, the tabs titled C.1.1_Account Summary and C.1.2_Full Detail include the account detail. 

C.1.1_Account Summary


C.1.2_Full Detail



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